4 Qualities Every Skilled Piano Player Needs to Have

Oct 18, 2022

While just about anyone can learn how to play piano, there are a certain set of qualities shared by some of the best players that set them apart. Why? Because the piano isn’t a simple instrument to learn and requires dedication over time to master.

But what qualities make a good piano player a better or even the best piano player? Let’s look at 4 qualities every skilled piano player needs to have.

1. Dedication

As mentioned previously, learning to play piano at an advanced level takes dedication to practice and commitment to skill development, and that’s why you’ll notice that the most skilled piano players spend hours practicing daily to reach that point.

A piano learning app like Clefer can help you continue to develop your skills as you get back into playing, but it can’t replace the time you spend practicing the lessons it recommends, and the more time you dedicate to your practice, the better you’ll become.

2. The need to keep learning

Those who have a love for playing the piano also present with the eagerness to continue learning the instrument and its related skills, like reading sheet music. The most skilled piano players share this willingness to keep learning because it drives their practice sessions and gives them the motivation to keep dedicating their time to honing their skills.

3. A strong work ethic

Along with dedication to practicing piano and reading sheet music, skilled piano players will also have a very strong work ethic. Not only does this mean persevering through challenging musical pieces and techniques and mastering them, but it also means having the diligence to ensure other aspects of your day-to-day are taken care of so that you can carve out an adequate amount of time to practice, and practice consistently. If you’re just getting back into playing piano, this is made even easier with Clefer since all it takes to start practicing is opening the app and beginning your next lesson!

4.  Detail-oriented

The best piano players pay close attention to every piece they play, every movement of their fingers and hands. Having the ability to notice every detail of your performance, from pitch to placement, will help make you a skilled pianist in time.

Noticing the small details and even minor errors will allow you to tailor your practice to improve those shortcomings so that you can hit it perfectly the next time around. Learning piano online with Clefer will help you develop your sense for the smaller details since Clefer highlights missteps and areas that need more practice.

Become a skilled piano player online with the help of Clefer!

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