4 Tips to Get You Back Into Playing the Piano

Sep 20, 2022

Whether you have decided to take on the task of re-learning piano via instructor-led classes or through learning piano online with a piano learning app like Clefer, it’s worth having a few tips to help you along as you once again take your seat at the piano bench.

With the help of the Clefer piano learning app, we’re going to review 4 tips to get you back into playing the piano!

1. Begin with a goal in mind.

Ensuring you have some direction when you decide to get back on the keys is important, and that means having a set goal. Whether it’s to build back enough of your skillset to master more complicated musical pieces or to be able to carry out intricate fingering, having some direction will motivate and guide you to reach an end result, rather than just practicing aimlessly.

Piano learning apps like Clefer are excellent at giving direction to wayward players, providing structured lessons where you can practice, perform and review while helping to hone in on everything from fingering to sheet music reading.

2. Be reasonable in your expectations.

While you have experience playing piano, you’ve likely been away from the bench for some time and, as a result, you may be rustier than you expected. Making sure you have reasonable expectations for yourself in regards to what you can accomplish now or in the future (and how quickly you want to get there) will ensure you don’t take on too much too soon.

After all, you don’t want to discourage yourself during a process that takes time, effort and consistent practice. Piano learning apps like Clefer are great for managing expectations. Clefer assesses your current skill level and recommends pieces that challenge you as you gain more technique without pushing you past your limits. As you build more skills, Clefer will continue to assess and suggest songs that test your abilities so you’re never bored.

3. Try not to get frustrated.

As previously mentioned, when you’ve been away from the piano for a while, you’ll have lost some of your skills, and that can make getting back into playing a frustrating experience. But it doesn’t have to be!

While some skills may have waned over time, you will most likely remember elements of the core technique. You’ll remember how to sit at the piano, hold your hands and practice. If you learned it before, with the help of Clefer, you can learn it again!

4. Remember what brought you back!

At the end of the day, remember why you’re here: you’re returning to the keys because it was a passion, it was something you loved to do! What more motivation could you need?

Learning the piano is a challenge, it’s not an easy instrument to master, but it makes playing that beautiful music piece so much more worth it because it took your hard work and dedication. So don’t stop trying!

Pick up your phone and learn piano online with Clefer!

Whatever your reasons for wanting to re-learn the piano keys, Clefer is here to help you hone your skills! Download Clefer today and get lesson recommendations based on your current skills to push you to the next level as you master the notes and excel at sheet reading and more.

Download Clefer to your Apple device today and start your free trial!



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