5 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Read Sheet Music

Sep 27, 2022

When you’re learning piano online, there’s more to it than just hitting the right keys at the right time as you follow along with the musical score. In fact, one of the most important parts of learning piano, and most other instruments for that matter, has nothing to do with playing the instrument itself!

Learning to read sheet music is a necessity if you want to master the keys, which is why only the best piano learning apps like Clefer offer specific lessons geared to learning rhythm reading, helping you to understand how to read sheet music. If you’re still not convinced, let’s review 5 reasons why you should learn to read sheet music.

1. Helps you learn more styles and access more songs

Whether it’s classical or country, jazz or blues, being able to read sheet music opens a world of musical styles! When you can understand what is in front of your eyes, it makes learning new styles of music on the piano easier and more enjoyable and allows you to play a greater range of tunes. So, try expanding your musical horizons with the help of Clefer. Our piano learning app has a variety of songs of different styles for you to master while also teaching you how to read the notes and chords on sheet music.

2. Makes it easier to remember songs

When you learn to read sheet music, you gain an understanding of what the symbols and notes require as you play. Having this understanding is key when you want to memorize how to play songs on the piano. As you build your knowledge of how each symbol on a music sheet denotes pitch and speed, you’re more likely to remember how to play the song and won’t require someone else to teach you.

3. Let’s you record your own compositions

Learning sheet music has often been compared to learning another language, and it makes sense why. Only those who can speak the language of music can decipher what is on the page in front of them, and similarly, only those who understand this language of notes and symbols can use them to write down their own musical compositions.

4. Makes playing with other musicians easier

If you ever want to share your piano playing skills with other musicians, then having a firm grasp of reading sheet music is essential. Why? Because sheet music is what allows a chorus of musicians to stay in step and on time throughout a musical score without getting confused.

5. It makes you a better musician

If it isn’t already obvious, it’s clear that reading sheet music is essential for any pianist and knowing how to follow the symbols makes you a better and more confident musician overall. That’s why our piano learning app, Clefer, offers lessons on learning the different chords and rhythms you’ll find on sheet music.

Master your piano skills with the help of Clefer!

Clefer utilizes proven teaching and learning techniques to build your skills and confidence as a returning piano player. Learn piano online with lessons geared towards all aspects of mastering the keys and countless musical styles to choose from, Clefer conveniently offers the expertise of a music teacher at a fraction of the cost.

Try a free trial of Clefer today by downloading it to your device!



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