5 Ways to Boost Your Piano Playing Online & Without a Music Teacher

Oct 24, 2022

With many music teachers highlighting the high cost of lessons as one of the single largest barriers to people learning an instrument, it’s important to ensure that anyone who wants to learn piano has access to do so, regardless of budget. Thankfully, technology has afforded us new ways of learning piano online that don’t centre around a single person as a source of knowledge, and that’s where Clefer comes in.

Clefer was developed to give returning musicians the opportunity to continue to develop their skills as they get back into playing piano without the constraints of costly lessons, scheduling conflicts and commuting. With the help of Clefer, returning piano players like you now have the chance to continue their learning journey at their own pace and at a fraction of the cost of in-person music lessons. Want to learn more? Here are 5 ways to boost your piano playing online and without a music teacher.

1. Pick the right teacher.

While this suggestion sounds a bit counterintuitive, hear us out. Yes, you may not require the help of an in-person instructor, but learning piano still requires an element of teaching, and using the right instruction method will help improve your piano playing. As an online piano learning app, Clefer is the right teacher for those who don’t want to pay the expensive price tag that comes with lessons with a music teacher, preferring the convenience and affordability Clefer offers by turning their smart device into their personal instructor. Just like any good instructor, Clefer makes personalized lesson recommendations based on where your skills are at as you continue learning piano online.

2. Keep it consistent.

You don’t need a music teacher to tell you the importance of consistent practice, most returning musicians know this. But it can be tough to match your schedule with the schedule of a music teacher who is booking their time for other students; maybe the time that works best for you isn’t the time that is available. Luckily, as one of the best piano learning apps, Clefer lets you learn piano online and is available any time you are, simply pick up your device and start your next lesson!

3. Record and hear yourself play.

Listening intently as you’re playing may seem like enough to catch any missteps you make, but you’d be surprised by what you can miss. While you can have a music teacher point out mistakes and areas that need work, you can also use Clefer as you learn piano online! Clefer records your performance for you to review afterwards while also giving meaningful feedback as a teacher would.

4. Don’t forget a metronome.

Being able to play faster music pieces or sections requires you to have a solid understanding of rhythm, and that’s why you’ll never see a music teacher without a metronome. But you don’t have to attend a music lesson to use one! Clefer has a built-in metronome for you to use during your lessons as you learn piano online, and you can adjust the speed to suit your playing.

5. Develop your technique.

While it may seem obvious, many piano players will only push their skills to the minimum before tackling a more difficult piece of music. But if you want to perfect a piece and play those tougher compositions, you must keep developing your technique and challenging yourself. While a music teacher can provide structure, feedback and motivation, so can learning piano online with Clefer. Clefer will continuously recommend lessons based on where you need to develop your skills while also providing important feedback and tracking your progress over time.

Want to see if Clefer is the right fit for your musical journey? Download our unlimited free trial of our piano learning app today!



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