6 Piano Songs to Get You Back Into Playing

Jul 27, 2022

Falling out of practice with a passion like piano playing is a common occurrence few like to admit. And while the reasons vary, getting back into the habit can feel daunting and downright discouraging. Maybe your fingers aren’t as nimble, or the sheet music looks less familiar; regardless, you’re likely going to need a guided and simple start to get you comfortable on the keys like you once were.

Luckily, piano learning apps like Clefer aim to do just that! By evaluating your skill level, Clefer recommends appropriate songs and guides you through each session, perfecting your sheet reading abilities and challenging your skills, but not forcing any songs that may currently be out of your wheelhouse. Speaking of songs, what are some classic piano songs to get you back into playing? Let’s take a look!

Dvořák’s Largo

If you’re looking for a beginner piece of piano music to start learning, look no further! Largo is a great piece to get you familiar with the easier elements of the piano. It’s in the key of C and you don’t have to worry about any complex 16th notes or triplets. You will learn how to use your left and right hands in coordination while practising quarter, half, and whole notes.

Beethoven’s Für Elise

Probably one of the best-known classic piano songs, there likely isn’t a soul who hasn’t heard Beethoven’s most popular composition. Simple but fast, this masterpiece is a great starting point for those with a more moderate level of training who need a quick reacquaintance with the keys.

Beethoven’s Ode to Joy

Another one of Beethoven’s most prominent and popular compositions, the Ode to Joy theme is an excellent classic piano song for those getting back into playing and can be further simplified depending on skill level. Its simple chord structure and intuitive piano fingering make it easy to remember, lending itself beautifully as a top pick for returning pianists.

Haydn’s Surprise Symphony, No. 94

A fun and classic piano song to tune your fingers to is Haydn’s Surprise Symphony. Depending on your comfort level and skill, this song can be played at both lower and higher tempos. Those looking for an easier playing experience can slow it down to perfect their fingering, then speed it up for an added challenge.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

While it’s an obvious choice, the old French folk song Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star is a classic piano song for the burgeoning piano player of all ages for a reason. It’s a simple song most know and is excellent for those used to playing by ear. With its repetitive melody, short five-finger range, and differing variations, it’s a great choice for those just getting back to the piano bench.

Bach’s Minuet in G Major, BWV Anh 114

A lovely piece of piano work that’s great for returning players, Bach’s Minuet in G Major, BWV Anh 114 is easily memorized thanks to the amount of repetition throughout. In addition, learning it becomes almost automatic because of its use of right-hand, five-finger scales.

Learn piano online and re-ignite your passion with Clefer!

If you once had a love for the piano and are looking to get back into playing, the Clefer piano learning app is a great way to get back on track. Returning musicians looking to perfect their skills on the keys or hone in on reading sheet music (or both!) can find it all in the self-guided lessons offered by our innovative piano-learning platform.

Here’s how it works: Clefer assesses your skill level and recommends songs to boost your abilities as it takes you through each piece, note by note. You’ll find many of the songs recommended above in the app, ready to learn! Our model of Practice, Perform and Review allows you to develop your skills at your own pace, listen back and take note of where there’s room for improvement.

Download Clefer today for your Apple device and get back to learning piano!



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