6 Reasons Clefer is the Best Piano Learning App on the Market

Oct 3, 2022

When people think about learning how to play the piano, they typically picture an instructor in the room dictating techniques and leading lessons. But that’s not the only way to learn piano. In fact, technology has afforded us the opportunity to change the way we learn to play an instrument altogether, allowing our smart devices to be the teacher. And while having a piano instructor to instill the basics as we begin our learning journey is beneficial, when it comes to returning learners, having an independent teaching tool is a great way to continue mastering the piano keys.

Cue the Clefer piano learning app. Clefer utilizes the latest research-based teaching methods to offer lessons focused on developing core skills and building technique over time – all online! Here are another 6 reasons Clefer is the best piano learning app on the market.

Clefer makes recommendations based on your skill level.

For those returning to the piano bench after time away, not knowing where your skills stand and where to start can make your learning journey a frustrating one. But when starting out with Clefer, the app offers a series of prompts to assess your experience level and overall goal to ensure that the lessons offered are what you need to strengthen your foundational skills. As you continue on in your learning journey, Clefer will recommend personalized lessons based on where you can improve, challenging you to hit the next level!

Clefer combines technology and proven music education and learning theory into a series of effective lesson plans.

What makes Clefer one of the best online piano learning apps on the market today is its use of technology to bring proven teaching methods based on learning and music education theory to the convenience of your very own smart device. Clefer helps learners hone important piano playing techniques via structured activities related to note reading, rhythm reading, finger dexterity, chord training and so much more. And while we can’t give away all our secrets, know that Clefer is equipped with the science to back up its method in defining an effective learning journey for returning piano players.

Clefer’s Practice, Perform and Review model allows you to develop your skills at your own pace, listen back and take note of where there’s room for improvement.

As part of providing the structure necessary for an effective learning experience, Clefer breaks lessons into three aspects:

  • Practice: tackle each song component individually so you can effectively understand the piece as the sum of its parts. Practice each activity as many times as you need.
  • Perform: If you think you can nail your performance, give it a go! Set the metronome speed to match your comfort level. As you perform, Clefer will listen and prepare the assessments to provide at the end of your activity.
  • Review: Clefer will provide constructive feedback and lets you listen back to your own performance so you can compare it to the original. Based on your performance, Clefer will also highlight any areas that need improvement.

Clefer provides detailed feedback and progress tracking.

As mentioned previously, at various points in the learning journey Clefer analyzes your playing and provides constructive feedback, allowing you to improve your piano playing as you perfect your skills. Clefer also provides detailed information on your progress via a dedicated Progress page. Here, you will find a summary of your practice activities, including your weekly, monthly and cumulative practice times, favorite focus areas, activities in progress and any personal practice streaks!

Clefer comes with an extensive musical library that is constantly growing.

Variety keeps things interesting, and Clefer’s large music library doesn’t disappoint! With songs from various styles of piano music, including recognized and revered classics, Clefer offers returning piano players the opportunity to learn their favorite musical compositions online as well as try out unfamiliar pieces to give a well-rounded experience in technique and musicality.

Clefer offers both a free and subscription-based model with varying tiers to suit your budget.

Learning piano online with Clefer is an excellent way for returning musicians to reignite their love for piano on their own terms. It is not just effective but also convenient and, most importantly, affordable! One of the reasons Clefer is one of the best apps to learn piano online is because the app is accessible no matter your budget. Clefer offers three subscription tiers at various price points that can be changed at any time. Clefer is also available in an unlimited free trial version so returning piano players can try their hand at the app before deciding which subscription level works best.

Still not convinced? Try Clefer for free today!

If you have been away from the piano bench for a while and are searching for a way to jumpstart learning piano online, look no further than Clefer. With its science-backed lesson plans and innovative technology integrations, Clefer offers returning piano players an affordable and convenient way to boost their skills and improve their technique as they challenge themselves to master the keys.

Download Clefer for free and get back into learning piano online today!



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