6 Tips That Will Help You Improve Your Piano Playing

Oct 14, 2022

When you are getting back into playing piano, you want to ensure that you make the most of your time and energy; after all, the piano is not an easy instrument to master. Luckily, with the help of online piano learning apps like Clefer, getting back to the piano keys can be done in a way that’s effective, convenient and affordable.

But it won’t just take the help of an app to help you perfect your piano skills when you decide to get back into learning piano online. It also takes dedication on your part and a willingness to learn and practice. Here are another 6 tips that will help you improve your piano playing.

1. Set realistic goals

When you’re just starting to learn piano online or in person, you know you don’t have much experience to lean on and understand your expectations shouldn’t be placed too high, but when you have had experience in the past and decide you want to get back into piano once again, you may have an inflated level of confidence.

While there’s nothing wrong with confidence, it can be discouraging when you think you are as sharp on the keys as you once were. So try to set goals that are realistic to your current level of experience. Even if you still set goals that are a little too lofty for the time being, not to worry, Clefer assesses your skill level and makes appropriate recommendations throughout your learning journey.

2. Dedicate time to practice and stick to it

When you are getting back to playing piano, you want to make sure you are spending adequate time on the bench and at the keys. Ten minutes of practice here and there doesn’t hurt, but when you’re trying to build back your technique and master more skills, consistently dedicating enough time is important.

Luckily, learning piano online with Clefer makes finding the time to practice so much easier since there are no lessons to schedule and classes to commute to – you can practice whenever it is most convenient for you. Simply open the Clefer app and get started on your next lesson!

3. Practice your sight reading

Practicing one specific song over and over can indeed help you perfect it, but learning how to practice in a way that allows you to perfect not just one specific song but any piece of music that you come across is what will take you to the next level, and that is where sight reading comes in!

Getting comfortable with sight reading is a great way to improve not just your music notation reading skills but also allows you to become more confident as a piano player, challenging yourself to further develop your technique on the keys and your overall love for the piano itself.

4. Slow it down

When you’re just getting back into playing piano, you don’t want to rush your practice or your playing, after all, it’s not a race. Even though piano learning apps like Clefer will highlight areas that need improvement as you play, it helps for you to hear it yourself.

So, try practicing at a slower tempo so that you don’t race through the song, missing key mistakes and areas that need a bit more attention. And don’t forget you can set the metronome speed with Clefer, so you can go at your own pace!

5. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself

After a while, many pianists get comfortable with their playing, thinking they’ve hit a level that is somewhat proficient enough to play most pieces well. But if you want to keep improving your piano playing, you should continue challenging yourself.

Clefer will evaluate your playing and recommend lessons that will enhance your knowledge gaps while providing enough of a challenge to keep things interesting but not impossible.

6. Try learning piano online with Clefer

Trying to relearn piano on your own can be challenging, it’s hard not having direction and structured lessons to guide you along. Similarly, getting help from an experienced piano teacher can also have its drawbacks – maybe it’s too expensive, or you’re having difficulty scheduling lessons and commuting.

No matter your reasons, online piano learning apps like Clefer are a great way to conveniently and affordably get you back into playing piano. You can start your lessons at any time that’s convenient for you while Clefer analyzes your playing and provides detailed feedback on where you can improve. Clefer also lets you set the pace, view your progress and access a vast repertoire of songs from various piano styles.

Want to try Clefer for yourself? Access our free unlimited trial by downloading Clefer to your device today!



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