How to learn piano by yourself online in 2023: 6 ways

Feb 1, 2023

New year, new goals! It’s that time again when the promise of a fresh start in 2023 motivates many of us to commit to another year of goals – is yours to learn piano online? We are always striving to enrich ourselves, and for many, that means taking up a passion. For former pianists, maybe it’s getting back into playing piano. Indeed, learning piano brings many benefits to our lives.

Unfortunately, a busy schedule can sometimes lead us to abandon what we once enjoyed doing in our free time, such as learning an instrument. But Clefer is here to help! Here are 6 ways to keep your goal to learn piano online on track in 2023.

How Clefer Works

1. Use a piano learning app like Clefer.

Using a piano learning app like Clefer that’s loaded with great features is one of the most effective ways to get back into playing piano, especially if one of your biggest challenges is finding time to practice. Having 24/7 access via your smart device to structured, targeted lessons that are backed by research allows you to get the most out of every practice according to your schedule.

Clefer’s lessons are split into a Practice, Perform, Rhythm and Review structure so you can tackle every aspect of learning piano and continue to improve your skills. Clefer even tracks your progress over time so you can see how far you’ve come and where your strengths lie as you learn piano online.

2. Set achievable goals.

When you are just getting back into playing piano, it can feel daunting and downright intimidating; after all, the piano is not an easy instrument to learn. You know your skills are rusty and that you need to refresh your knowledge, but you don’t want to take on too much too soon and risk feeling discouraged.

That’s why it’s key that you set goals that are realistic and achievable when deciding to learn piano online. Maybe you want to get comfortable reading sheet music again – no matter what you decide, try to start with the basics and build from there. Thankfully, Clefer makes achieving your goals possible by assessing your performance and giving constructive feedback to help guide you to the areas where you need improvement. 

3. Track your progress.

Seeing your progress throughout your musical journey as you learn piano online is a great way to keep you on track and motivated. It’s also a great way to see where your skills have advanced as well as where you need to focus on improvement. It’s reasons like this that make progress tracking an important part of Clefer’s app features. 

With a dedicated section that clearly lays out your lesson activities, including your weekly, monthly and cumulative practice times, your preferred focus areas, activities in progress and any practice streaks, Clefer makes it easy to follow your learning journey and reaffirm your goal.

4.  Try setting and sticking to a routine.

If you’re going to achieve your 2023 goal to learn piano online, then figuring out a routine that works (and committing to it!) is key. Whether that means getting your practice in first thing in the morning or setting up a reminder to tell you it’s time to hit the piano bench later, the main thing is to start to build your piano practice into your regular routine. 

Establishing a convenient working routine will help you turn your lessons from a casual occurrence into a regular habit. This is why the Clefer app is one of the best tools to guide you as you learn piano online. Having access to an effective instructor at the touch of your smart device makes all the difference when having a busy schedule has prevented you from practicing in the past.

5. Invest a bit of money into your practice. 

Staying on track with your goal to learn piano online in 2023 may mean increasing the stakes. For some, adding a cost to their learning journey can keep them motivated to make the most out of their expense. After all, you want to ensure you are putting your hard-earned dollars to good use.

Luckily, subscribing to Clefer won’t break the bank, and our various subscription tiers are meant to work with any budget. You can subscribe month to month, every three months, or for a whole year – whatever works best for you!

6. Reward yourself!

Achieving goals in your journey to learn piano online is something to be celebrated. So don’t hesitate to treat yourself to a reward whenever you hit a new milestone! Not only will it give you added motivation to keep up with your lessons, but it also adds more fun to the whole process. 

Stay on track and achieve your goal to learn piano online with Clefer!

When it comes to keeping with your 2023 goal to master the piano keys, look to Clefer as your experienced guide. Getting back into playing piano can be a challenge, but with Clefer’s proven teaching methods and learning techniques, achieving your goal of relearning the piano is within reach.

Download Clefer for free today and see how learning piano online is helping returning musicians just like you fall in love with piano again!



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