How to Choose the Right Piano

Sep 30, 2022

With several different types of pianos to choose from, how do you decide which is best when you decide to reignite your passion for playing? With the help of piano learning apps like Clefer, you can get back into playing piano online with the tap of a button; but first, you need to have the right piano picked out if you haven’t got one already. Here’s what to consider when thinking about how to choose the right piano.


When deciding which type of piano is the right one for you, one of the most important factors is space! Logistically speaking, you are going to need a spot to keep your piano, and the space you have that is reasonably available will be a major deciding factor.

Do you have the sprawling square footage to fit the classic grand piano or one of its slightly smaller variations, or are you better able to accommodate its vertical counterpart that can slide right up against a wall?


While most pianos are capable of making beautiful music with the help of a skilled pair of hands, there are differences that are important to remember when deciding which piano is the right one.

For example, it’s key to note that digital pianos, no matter how good the sound quality, can’t quite replicate the sound made by acoustic pianos. For some, this may be a non-negotiable factor that leads them to lean in the direction of a grand or vertical/upright piano.


Similar to the logistic consideration of whether you have enough space to accommodate the type of piano you want, ensuring your piano can go with you may also be an important logistical factor. Some would like the option of easily transporting their piano, and only a digital piano, like a keyboard piano, can easily be moved from place to place.


As expected, acoustic pianos such as your grand piano and vertical/upright pianos will require more maintenance than digital pianos. Acoustic pianos will need regular tuning, as their strings can stretch, particularly in their first year after being purchased.

So, if you’re not interested in dealing with the added effort and cost of scheduling a piano tuning on a regular basis, then a digital piano may be the option for you. But remember, ensuring your instrument is free from dust and debris and handled with care is a must regardless of which type of piano it is!


Perhaps the factor that will most heavily influence your decision on which type of piano to use is which one you can afford. If you have the budget for a grand piano, then all options are open to you, but if the purse strings hang a little tighter, consider a smaller-sized variation of the grand piano or its vertical/upright cousin. Digital pianos are also highly affordable and make piano playing accessible to many!

Save costs and boost your skills by learning piano online with Clefer!

Regardless of the piano you choose to play, Clefer is compatible with all types and friendly for any budget. Clefer offers professional piano teaching at a fraction of the cost of in-person instruction and can easily be calibrated to your piano of choice. Simply open up the app and let the keyboard range calibration steps guide you as it determines the size of your instrument and whether you’re using an acoustic piano or a digital keyboard.

Learn more about Clefer and see how the best online piano learning app works to build up your technique by instructing you on important skills like note reading, note playing, rhythm reading, finger training and chord training.

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