Top Benefits of Learning Piano Online

Aug 11, 2022

Attending a local music academy or calling up a professional music teacher are likely some of the first options to consider when deciding to get back to honing your piano skills. And while going back to in-person learning is a great way to refresh your talents, technology has afforded us an equally valuable option that has its own set of advantages. So, let’s discuss the top 6 benefits of learning piano online!

1. It’s convenient.

One of the first things we consider when getting back into a skill is how we’re going to fit perfecting it into our day-to-day schedule, and this is no different for returning piano players. Further developing your playing of any instrument takes time and commitment and, luckily, learning piano online with apps like Clefer make it easier than ever! Not having to schedule time with an instructor according to their availability leaves you open to re-learning piano at times that work best for you, making you more likely to stick to mastering those keys.

2. Saves time and money.

It may seem trivial, but the time it takes to figure out a schedule and commute to a piano lesson is valuable time that could be spent actually perfecting your craft. Starting a lesson with a piano learning app like Clefer is as simple as picking up your smartphone – no commute, no time wasted. Speaking of savings, what about saving money? Learning piano online doesn’t just save time, it’s also a more cost-effective way of re-honing your skills. Rather than pay a teacher to give you lessons, which can be expensive, piano learning apps like Clefer can refresh your old skills and help you gain new ones at a fraction of the price and with tech that is targeted and effective!

3. You feel less pressure.

While some of us can thrive in a high-pressure environment, for many, the extra expectations of a teacher and the pressure to perform in front of a trained professional are nerve-wracking. But using a piano learning app like Clefer allows you to review, practice and perform without the added pressure of another set of ears. If you make a mistake, no need to feel embarrassed, just try again!

4. Learn at your own pace.

Being able to learn at a pace that suits your skill level and, let’s face it, amount of patience, makes the whole experience a much more enjoyable one, meaning you’re more likely to keep it up. Feeling rushed rarely lends itself to building your musical skill, so it’s great to utilize a piano learning app like Clefer to set your lessons at a pace that works best for you.

5. You have unlimited access to music and lessons.

Learning piano online lets you access a vast repertoire of music styles to try your hand at! You can also access your lessons all the time, any time, in case you have a burst of energy and what to hit your training hard. With online piano learning apps like Clefer, there are no limits!

6. It’s just as effective.

While lessons with a piano teacher has its benefits, technological advances have made the ability to learn piano online equally attainable. Similar to a live teacher, apps like Clefer are able to isolate key components of the learning journey to help the learner practice important skills. Clefer’s targeted technology takes music and learning theory into account by prompting the learner to effectively hone those abilities via activities related to note reading, note playing, rhythm reading, finger training and chord training.

Reap all the benefits of learning piano online with Clefer!
With Clefer, getting back into learning piano is both convenient and simple. Clefer’s technology engages all the important facets that make learning piano and adding to your skills so effective and fun you won’t know how you did without it!

Download Clefer to your Apple device today and start your free trial!



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