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Getting back into piano is easy when you have the expert instruction and convenience of Clefer guiding your practice sessions. As the ultimate platform where you can teach yourself piano, Clefer combines proven teaching methods and learning techniques into one easy-to-use piano learning app that effectively guides you along your learning journey, breaking lessons into four key knowledge components.

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Choose a song, listen in, and set the pace.


Build your confidence as you get back into piano playing by tackling individual components of each piece, like the rhythm via our unique tapping mode. Hear each part of the song as it’s meant to be played in Listen mode and try your hand when you’re ready after setting the in-app metronome speed to a comfortable pace.


Take your practice to the next level.


Practice makes perfect when you’re getting back to piano playing. So when you feel you’re ready to showcase your skills, play and perform as Clefer listens in and provides constructive feedback in the form of an after-performance assessment.


Master more than just the piano keys.


Teaching yourself piano with the help of Clefer means learning more than just how to hit the piano keys. Take on each song’s rhythm reading activity and perfect your rhythm reading skills by tapping along to the rhythm directly on your device, no instrument required.


Enhance your skills with targeted feedback.


Receive detailed feedback directly on the musical score after your performance as Clefer highlights areas that could see improvement. Don’t forget to listen back to your performance and compare it to the original, too! Clefer also saves your latest activity history so you can go back into Practice mode and focus on the areas that need some finesse.


See how far you’ve come.


Revel in your musical journey as Clefer tracks your progress over time, offering a summary of your practice activities, including your weekly, monthly and cumulative practice times, favourite focus areas, activities in progress and any personal practice streaks!

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