Learn Piano Online with Clefer: App Features 101

Nov 4, 2022

With piano learning apps like Clefer opening the door to new and accessible ways for returning musicians like yourself to build technique and master your skills on the piano keys, you may be wondering why you should try learning piano online from an app. After all, what features set Clefer apart and make it one of the best piano learning apps for those looking to get back into playing piano? Let’s find out how you can learn piano online with Clefer by reviewing its best in-app features!

Practice, Perform, Rhythm and Review Mode

Clefer’s unique practice structure takes music education and learning theory and combines them into a series of effective lessons supported by advanced digital features. Clefer’s online piano lessons are focused on various areas meant to hone your technique, including note reading, rhythm reading, finger dexterity, chord training and more!

Let’s learn more about what each lesson feature entails…

Practice. Break down each song into its individual parts so you can effectively understand the piece’s components. Use Listen mode and hear the part you’re supposed to play as many times as you need, then practice each activity! Don’t forget you can also set the metronome speed to match your comfort level while you practice.

Perform. If you think you can play an activity in Practice mode without pausing after every few measures, you’re ready to take your play to the next level in Perform mode! As you start performing, Clefer will listen and give you feedback at the end of your activity.

Rhythm. Understanding both rhythm and note reading is just as important as being skilled at hitting the piano keys. These are basic skills every returning pianist needs to grasp when learning piano online. With Clefer’s specific rhythm reading lesson for each song, you can practice your rhythm reading skills by tapping along to the rhythm directly on your device. No instrument needed!

Review. Another great reason to learn piano online with Clefer is that, after your performance, Clefer will highlight any areas for improvement and give a detailed breakdown of feedback directly on the music score. Digital features like this are what make Clefer one of the best piano learning apps, giving you the chance to listen back to your performance as well as the original score to compare. Even your latest activity history is saved so you can return to Practice mode and continue improving the areas that needed attention from your latest practice sessions. Remember: practice makes perfect, as long as you keep on learning.

Videos on Body Posture and Hand Position

Learning piano online with Clefer isn’t only about picking back up how to play the keys and read music notations, it’s also about how your body and hands interact with the instrument. That’s why Clefer includes a series of videos dedicated to showing how to position your body on the piano bench and your hands and fingers on the piano keys.

Glossary of Terms

Getting back into playing piano after a while can mean you need to brush up on some of your music and piano terminology. Not to worry though, being one of the best piano learning apps on the market, Clefer provides a full glossary of terms at the touch of your fingertips!

Progress Tracking

After spending some time learning piano online with Clefer, appreciating where you’re at with your piano playing skills comes from knowing how far you’ve come, which is why Clefer tracks your progress over time and displays it in a clear and easy-to-read format, breaking down multiple components of your learning journey. And don’t forget to try to hit a new practice streak!

Download Clefer for free today and see how learning piano online is helping returning musicians just like you fall in love with piano again!



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