More Than Music: How Learning Piano Online Brings Benefits to Your Life

Oct 20, 2022

The health benefits of playing piano and other instruments are becoming more and more clear, so it is no surprise that learning piano through an app like Clefer can bring many other positives to our day-to-day lives. Let’s read more about how learning piano online benefits your life in other ways.

You learn to persevere.

As anyone who plays piano knows, it takes time and consistent practice to master a piece of music. In other words, it’s not easy! While an online piano learning app like Clefer can help you add to your skills and perfect your technique, you must persevere through the mistakes you’ll inevitably make and keep trying. Luckily, Clefer works to provide constructive feedback, so you see exactly where there’s room for improvement.

You become a master of time management.

Getting back to playing the piano when you’ve been away from the bench for a while will mean dedicating time to your practice sessions. And while our lives are busy enough as it is, making time to rekindle a former passion like learning to play the piano will mean figuring out how to shuffle your schedule so you have the necessary time to give to your practice. Thankfully, learning to play piano online with Clefer lets you swap the scheduling conflicts of an in-person lesson for a teacher that is available as soon as you pick up your smart device.

You get added brain power.

Anything that makes our brains stronger is a good thing and learning to play piano online does just that. For example, when you open the Clefer app and begin a lesson on right-hand playing, you are stimulating multiple parts of your brain to learn not only the notes but also the movements from correctly following the fingering information.

You become better at concentrating.

Because learning to play piano online through the Clefer app requires you to pay attention to pitch, note duration, rhythm and tempo, among other things, you’re forced to multitask and keep your eyes and ears (and brain!) tuned at once. The result is a developed ability to concentrate that is on a whole other level. But don’t worry if you miss anything in the moment, Clefer records your performance and allows you to listen back and see the exact spots that need improvement.

You become more disciplined.

As mentioned previously, learning to play piano online via the Clefer app means putting into your practice a consistent level of effort and commitment over time. Mastering the keys isn’t a one-and-done deal, it takes discipline to stick to it and focus on the many elements required to understand and play piano while trying again and again to fix the missteps we all make when learning an instrument. By providing structured lessons and giving helpful feedback while tracking your progress, a piano learning app like Clefer helps you build discipline in your practice sessions.

You improve your EQ.

EQ, or emotional intelligence, is our ability to perceive and manage emotions, and it may come as a surprise, but learning to play piano online with Clefer is a great way to boost our own EQ! How? Learning to play piano requires a keen ear to listen and interpret melody, harmony, rhythm tone and sound all at once. In other words, you have to be a good listener. And being a good listener comes in handy when you consider that humans similarly express themselves via tones and melodies in voice. So being able to pick up the subtleties in someone else’s tone can make you more attuned to their feelings.

Bring the benefits of piano back into your life with the help of Clefer!

Getting back into playing piano brings so much more to your life than just making beautiful music. It improves your brain and ways of thinking and being that make rekindling your passion for the keys worth the time and effort.

So if you’re ready to sit at the piano bench once again and learn piano online, let Clefer be your guide by downloading our free unlimited trial today!



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